Palm Eos (Mini Pre) for AT&T and Sprint

Palm Eos Mini Pre
Palm seems to be coming back to make their mark in the Mobile Phone Industry, its just a few hours ago we heard of the plan to pre-launch the Palm Pre at Best Buy on June 7th and a few days ago our sister-site Loopy Cellphones made a post on the rumor about a Mini Pre to come after the Palm Pre.

Now we are getting breaking news from PhoneNews that there will be a new Palm Handset right after the pre-launch of the Palm Pre on June 7th. The new handset is the Palm EOS which is also know as the Mini Pre and it will be coming to AT&T and Sprint. According to PhoneNews the news was confirmed to them by Sprint. It is said that the new Palm EOS is currently being tested by Sprint and is expected for a launch in the third quarter of this year.

We will keep you all posted…

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