Panasonic Charge Pad Series Qi Wireless Chargers and Batteries

Panasonic Charge Pad Series Qi Wireless Chargers
Panasonic has introduced its new Series Qi Line of Wireless Charging devices which includes the QE-TM101 wireless charging pad, the QE-PL201-W and QE-PL101-W Qi-capable portable battery, and the QE-CV201-W wireless AA/AAA battery charger. All four devices are based on Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi wireless power standards and are expected to be launched on June 24 2011. The QE-TM101 wireless charging pad is somewhat similar to the MyGrid offered by Duracel and it is most likely to charge any device that is compatible and carries the Qi Logo. The QE-PL201-W and QE-PL101-W on the other hand are portable batteries and the QE-CV201-W is a battery charging case that powers up weak AA and AAA batteries by using the QE-TM101 Charge Pad as the source of power.

Source: Impress Japan

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