Panasonic DIGA DMR-BF200 Blu-ray Recorder with Hard Drive

Panasonic is preparing to launching its new DIGA DMR-BF200 Blu-ray Recorder with 320GB Hard Drive on the Japanese Market. The Panasonic DIGA DMR-BF200 is a Blu-ray DVR Recorder that comes with a built-in digital HD Tuner, it has the capabilities of recording TV programs to the 320GB Hard Drive that comes integrated in the device or to Blu-ray BD-R, BD-RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW Discs.

The device also supports the playback of Blu-ray disc and DVD disc, however 3D Blu-ray and BDXL are not supported. It also comes with a SD card slot that allows the device to playback media from SD cards. It comes with connectivity ports for Ethernet, composite inputs and HDMI for connections with HDTVs.

The Panasonic DIGA DMR-BF200 will be released on November 15th in the colors of Black and White for a price of 70,00 Yen.

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