Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Player

Panasonic DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Player
Panasonic launched its DMP-B100 Portable Blu-ray Player recently which is ideal for users who wants to have access to high-definition movies on-the-go. The player features a 8.9-inch TFT Display with a 1024 x 600 resolution. It will support Mpeg-2 and AVCHD Videos along with SD, SDHC and SDXC cards.

The Blu-ray player offers up to 6h of battery life while watching a Blu-Ray Movie on an enhanced battery. It features a HDMI out port and a light silver finish on the outside, but flip open the screen and the white disc flap makes it look even more alluring.

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  1. DMP-B100 only japanese standard support AAC decode, and North America standard unsupport AAC decode.

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