Panasonic EH-SN10

Panasonic EH-SN10 Nano-Care Day Moisture

Panasonic just introduced an unusual device to their product line up, dubbed the EH-SN10 Nano-Care Day Moisture. This is a portable skin moisturizer which is aimed at female customers, it new female gadget utilizes the company’s Nano-e Nano technology that provides the right humidity for the skin and improves the shine of hair.
Panasonic EH-SN10
The device takes an oval form which is very similar to that of the egg, it can be plugged directly into AC (100-240) or into your computer’s USB port. A single unit of the Panasonic EH-SN10 Nano-Care Day Moisture goes for the price of $192.20 over at GeekStuff4u.

We would really like to show you guys how the product works but our search to find a video proved futile.

[Via: TechFresh]

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