Panasonic TY-EW3D Series 3D Glasses – The World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

Panasonic TY-EW3D Series 3D GlassesPanasonic has announced the presence of its new TY-EW3D Series 3D Glasses that the company is claiming to be the world’s lightest 3D glasses on the market. The TY-EW3D Series will be available in three different sizes; there will be a Small, Medium and Large with each sizes getting their own model name: TY-EW3D3SW, TY-EW3D3MW and TY-EW3D3LW, respectively.

The Small TY-EW3D3SW and Medium TY-EW3D3MW 3D Glasses weighs a mere 26 grams while the Large TY-EW3D3LW weighs 27g. They all comes with an internal rechargeable battery that will deliver up to 3 hours of viewing with only 2 minutes of quick charge or up to 25 hours of viewing from a mere 30 minutes of charge. Panasonic has plans to start selling the TY-EW3D Series 3D Glasses in September.

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