Panasonic Viera Tv gets upgrades

Panasonic Viera TV
The Panasonic Mini 5-inch One Seg broadcasting portable TV with 480×272 resolution has been updated. There are two models, the SV-ME700 and SV-ME750. Both models are completely waterproofed with multimedia ability to play music files in MP3, WMA or WAV formats, or display pictures in slideshow.

There is a difference between the two models, the SV-ME75 comes with a SD card slot and will support up to 2GB cards. The new Viera are available in black, pink and white. The units are expected to hit Japanese stores later this month with suggested retails of 45,000 yen ($500) for SV-ME750 and 38,000 yen for SV-ME700 ($420)

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