Panasonic VIERA VT30,GT30 and ST30 Full HD 3D TVs

Panasonic VIERA VT30 Series Full HD 3D Plasma TVs
Panasonic has introduced three new Full HD 3D TVs from its VIERA Series which includes the VIERA VT30,GT30 and ST30. All three TVs offers Full HD 1080p resolution and utilizes Panasonic’s Infinite Black Pro 2 Panel featuring Raised luminous efficiency plus they also minimizes pre-discharge for more subtle, delicate blacks, in both dark and bright environments. They also share features such as 600Hz subfield (produces 1080 lines of moving picture resolution), VIERA Connect service, SD VIERA image viewer for viewing JPEG 2D digital still images, 3D digital still images and both 2D and 3D HD video recorded on an SD card, DLNA Media Share, VIERA Link, pre-loaded with Skype and they also comes with a USB port.

Panasonic VIERA GT30 3D HDTV
The Panasonic VT30 comprises of two different models which includes the 65-inch TC-P65VT30 and 55-inch TC-P55VT30 which features a one sheet glass design, giving the TVs a beautiful sleek new design and will be shipped with a pair of Full HD 3D eyewear. The Panasonic GT30 Series on the other hand consist of four different models which includes the 65-inch TC-P65GT30, the 60-inch TC-P60GT30, the 55-inch TC-P55GT30 and the 50-inch TC-P50GT30 while the VIERA ST30 Series comes with six (6) different models which includes the 65-inch TC-P65ST30, 60-inch TC-P60ST30, 55-inch TC-P55ST30, 50-inch TC-P50ST30, 46-inch TC-P46ST30, and 42-inch TC-P42ST30.

Panasonic VIERA ST30 HDTV

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