panasonic VR headset

Panasonic working on VR Headset already have working prototype

Panasonic VR
Panasonic has also decided to join the virtual reality product market, it has been reported that the company is now working on its very own virtual reality headset, and even have a working prototype showing off currently. At a recent event in Japan, the Japan-based company unveiled the prototype of the VR headset currently in the works.

Once launched the Panasonic virtual reality headset will go up against the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR. It’s not as bulky as the Oculus Rift but not as refined as the Gear VR. The prototype comes with an OLED display with a 90-degree viewing angle, it has a omnidirectional camera and the ability to capture video at 75fps.

Virtual Reality
The upcoming VR headset features a unique design with ear hooks similar to eyeglasses, which could make the Panasonic VR headset more comfortable to wear than its competitors.

The company has yet to reveal the type of content the VR headset will support, but did mention that they have plans to use the device at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

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