Patriot Memory Torqx 2 Series of SSDs

Solid State Drives seems to be dominating the external storage market and Patriot Memory also want to get their share with the launch of its Torqx 2 Series. These are Solid State Drives that combines a cutting-edge new SSD controller with high-performance 3x-nm NAND flash memory and the follow-up to the original Torqx series. The series comes in the storage capacity of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB with a maximum write speed of 230MB/s and reads at up to 270MB/s. The Torqx 2 Series comes with a SATA II 3Gbps interface and in a 2.5-inch form plus TRIM support which ensure that the drive is constantly maintaining maximum performance when using with the Windows 7 Operating System.

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