Payleven unveiled NFC Payment Reader for Small Businesses

A company called Payleven UK has announced a new payment reader that was developed specially for small business, the new Payleven Payment Reader supports Near Field Communication (NFC), which means it’s a contactless payment device that accept payments from debit cards, credit cards and mobile phones.

payleven nfc payment readerThe Payleven NFC payment reader is already available for purchase at around £100 and requires no monthly cost as it just charges a per transaction fee. It’s ideal for small businesses trying to expand as it allows users to the PIN device as well as a smartphone in different locations connected to the same bank account.

“Payleven is ideal for us as it does not need complicated installation and setup, so we could immediately use it from day one of opening. My husband has a payleven device at our first shop which runs on Android, and I use payleven at our second shop on my iPhone, both tied easily to one account, and now that we accept credit cards we never have to turn away a customer who doesn’t have cash.

Payleven website has more details on the NFC Payment Reader for Small Businesses, you can find out more details by visiting the website as well as by watching the video below!

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