Pebble Watch Starts Shipping on January 23rd

Pebble Watch[CES 2013] In April of last year the Pebble Watch was first known to gadget lovers all over from its Kickstarter project. It started off by accepting pledges of $99 to own one of these iOS or Android connected smart watches, if it was to receive the funding goal.

Well the last time we heard of the Pebble Watch it was making its way to the FCC for market approval, and a few weeks later it got its official unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas. The guys behind the smart watch has announced that they will start shipping to the masses, from January 23rd.

As a reminder, the Pebble Watch comes equipped with a 1.26-inch monochrome e-paper display, it has a built-in vibrating motor for silent notification, an accelerometer and utilizes Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with your iOS or Android device.

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