Phantom Miro eX-series Camera

Phantom Miro eX-series Camera
Vision Research, a manufacturer of high-speed digital imaging systems recently launched its new Phantom Miro eX-series point-and-shoot digital high-speed cameras. Three editions of the Phantom Miro eX-series were launched which includes the Phantom Miro eX1, Miro eX2 and Miro eX4.

Each of the above cameras comes with its own custom-designed CMOS sensor, the Phantom Miro eX1 and the Miro eX2 gets a CMOS sensor with a 640×480 resolution, the eX4 gets a sensor with 800×600 resolution. With the Phantom Miro eX-series users can take advantage of maximum, full-resolution frame rates of 500 frames-per-second (fps) to over 1,200 fps.

The custom-designed CMOS provides light sensitivity of ISO 4800 for monochrome and ISO 1200 for color plus a exposure time of up to two microseconds (1/500,000 second). All three models comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen display and up to 4GB of RAM except for the Miro eX1 which has a CF card Slot. The Phantom Miro eX1 model is priced less than $10,000 and is available for online ordering here


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