Phase One 645DF Fast Flash Medium-Format Camera

Phase One 645DF
Phase One yesterday announced the upgraded version of its 645 medium-format camera body, the new Phase One 645DF comes with both a traditional leaf shutter as well as a focal plane shutter along with with the updates, the camera now offers one of the fastest flash syncs available and can trigger the light at up to a 1/1,600 second shutter speed.

According to Phase One, they have one of the first medium-format cameras with presets that can remember the users favorite settings for shooting conditions. The new Phase One 645DF medium-format body will cost you back $5,998 and shipping will start this fall. Lenses including a 55mm, 80mm and 110mm f2.8 lenses are due to ship in a similar time frame at prices starting from $2,490.

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