Philips Econova LED HDTV Series with a Solar Remote Control

The Philips Econova is a 42-inch LED HDTV that was recently launched by the company. The Television was recently awarded the European Green TV 2010-2011 award, an award that is given by the European Imaging and Sound Association.

The Philips Econova LED TV utilizes the latest LED technology that was developed to reduce energy consumption up to 60 percent during operation, plus it consumes only 40W of power in eco-mode. It also comes with a Zero Power Switch that reduces power consumption to 0W when it is off.

The Philips Econova LED TV is also shipped with a solar powered remote control, the remote has an integrated battery that is recharged by solar energy. No pricing details were found on the new Eco-friendly Philips Econova LED Series.

This makes our ultimate Eco-friendly design as it was constructed using recycled alumium panel and instead of a paper booklet manual, the Econova LED Tv is shipped with an e-manual.

Source: Philips Press

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