Philips HF3490 – Wake-up Light With dock for iPod

Philips HF3490 iPod Dock
Philips presents the HF3490 Wake up light with docking for your iPod. The HF3490 Wake-up light was designed as an alternative to an annoying alarm clock, it wake you up a natural way with a light that increases gradually. The light has a light intensity of up to 300 lux for natural awakening plus there is a Dusk Simulation function that makes you fall asleep by gradually decreasing the light and sound.

Other features of the Philips HF3490 includes an FM tuner, an iPod/iPhone dock that charges and docks, integrated sound box and a hidden LED display. Users can also choose the song from your iPod/iPhone which you want to awake to. The Philips HF3490 Wake-up light will be available in August for a price of $199


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