Philips HMP2000 Set-top Box

Philips HMP2000 Set-top Box with Built-in WiFi

Philips HMP2000 Set-top Box
Philips just announced a new home entertainment device or gadget if we may refer to it as that, the Philips HMP2000. Built specially for your home entertainment center, the HMP2000 Set-top Box comes with built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity enabling the device to stream videos and images from your home network to your TV.

The Philips HMP2000 Set-top Box gives access to online content from sites such as Facebook, YouTube and even Flickr directly from your television set, the box supports full 1080p video as well as several online video services including Netflix and LoveFilm among others.

The HMP2000 Set-top Box is already on sale in the UK for the price of £49.99 which is approximately $79 in US currency. A quick search of Amazon for the Philips HMP2000 prove futile, when will it hit the US market is the question.

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