Philips Launches the Gioco 278G4 3D Display

Philips Gioco 278G4 3D Display3D gaming or viewing is a full-on experience, and full immersion is key to making players part of the on-screen action. That’s why MMD, the leading technology company and brand license partner for Philips monitors, today introduced the new Philips Gioco 278G4 3D display with Ambiglow: the innovative Philips technology that delivers a truly immersive Gaming experience.

Ambiglow: excitement intensified
The Philips Ambiglow technology in this iconic 27-inch LCD monitor works by casting a halo of light matching the image on the surrounding wall. This visually enlarges the screen image and intensifies the viewing experience.The high-speed processor analyses incoming image content and adapts colour and brightness of the emitted light to match the image.

To enjoy the best of Ambiglow technology, position the display about 15 centimetres from a wall or flat surface. Turn down the light in the room, or switch it off, then adjust the Ambiglow brightness levels to your liking. When you feel like working, simply turn off Ambiglow and your display is switched to standard work mode.

“We’re very excited about the new 27-inch Gioco,” said Jeroen Brants, Product Manager Europe at MMD. “This is the first Philips LCD display to feature Ambiglow. This technology creates a completely engaging and immersive 3D experience, and really brings 3D games and movies to life.”

Gioco 278G4 LightingAdvanced technology for easier viewing: Smart Bias lighting and AH-IPS
For a true movie-theatre viewing experience at home, a dark room is the ambience of choice. But intensive viewing or gaming in a dark environment causes eyes to dilate and constrict with constantly changing images. The Smart Bias lighting mode in the Gioco 278G4DHSD 3D display offsets this impact: it combines optimum image quality with viewing comfort by creating a soft halo of static 6500k white light on the wall around the monitor. This reduces eye strain and offsets reflections and glare from room lights, without sacrificing correct colour perception.

For an even sharper viewing experience, the Philips Gioco 278G4 3D display features the latest in-plane switching technology, AH-IPS. Its uniform colour temperature ensures sharp, consistent images and vibrant colour reproduction, and also enables an extra-wide viewing angle.

Fast, flexible 3D connectivity
The HDMI-ready Gioco with 3D accepts high quality digital and audio signals from multiple HDMI sources. The display auto-switches to 3D mode, delivering awesome images straight away and ensuring players can get straight into action. Also uncomplicated: the affordable, lightweight zero-flicker 3D glasses require neither batteries nor cabling. And to ensure gaming action is always up to speed, the high performance USB 3.0 hub can deliver data 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 standard. Of course the Philips Gioco monitor can also be used in a normal 2D mode.

SmartImage Game mode
To ensure an optimum gaming experience, the new Philips Gioco 278G4DHSD 3D display has quick-access OSD with multiple modes: “FPS” mode (First Person Shooting) improves dark themes, allowing gamers to see hidden objects in dark areas. “Racing” mode adapts the display to fastest response time and high colour. “RTS” mode (Real Time Strategy) has a special SmartFrame mode to highlight specific areas.

Statement through design
The minimalistic yet stylish design of the Gioco 278G4 3D display is quietly understated for a sophisticated impression. With the latest display panel technology, the Gioco features a reduced outer bezel thickness – for minimal distraction and maximum viewing size. The unique diamond faceted back and special stand, combined with premium dark bronze or black cherry sparkle finish, exudes elegance.

The Philips Gioco 278G4DHSD 3D display will be available from reseller and distributor partners from Week 48 at the recommended retail price of £319.99 (including VAT). A 2D-only version of this monitor (Philips Gioco 278C4QHSN with Ambiglow and without USB hub) is also available on the market now.

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