Philips LightFrame Moda 248X3LFHSB Monito

Philips LightFrame Moda 248X3LFHSB Monitor launched in Singapore

A brand license partner for Philips monitors called MMD just announced a new monitor in Singapore called the Moda, it comes from the company’s X-Line of consumer monitors designed to offer healthier visual experience to users. Launched is the 23.6-inch model that is dubbed the Philips LightFrame Moda 248X3LFHSB which features an eye-catching design on the outside of the display.

Philips LightFrame Moda 248X3LFHSB Monito
It features an aluminum die-cast base with two-toned glossy finish, it features Panasonic’s LightFrame technology which allows the monitor to be illuminated with a blue light around the edge of the screen that soothes and refreshes the eye, hence reducing eye fatique and improving concentration.

Specifications of the LightFrame Moda Monitor includes SmartColor, a feature that extends visual color range for rich and vibrant images, SmarTxt which improves clarity of text-based applications including Word and PDF documents, and SmartResponse for a much faster transitions between moving frames.

Panasonic’s LightFrame Moda 248X3LFHSB Monitor is presently available for purchase in Singapore and goes for $399 SGD which is approximately $316 in USD currency.

[via Hitechreview]

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