Pinterest could overtake Twitter as second Biggest Social Media Network

With all the media attention that Twitter gets on a daily basis you would think that the micro-blogging would be closing in on Facebook’s numbers, but its seems that they don’t even possess a firm grip on their second place title of biggest social media platform.

PinterestAccording to the results of the 2012 Pew survey that were released last week, 16 percent of internet users in the united states are on twitter and pinterest is right behind them with 15 percent; while Facebook got the majority which is 67 percent.

However, it is possible that Pinterest have already overtaken Twitter if you put the survey’s +/- 2.6 margin of error. If not then pinterest’s growth rate could make the title holder more visible in the near future, according to a survey conducted in 2012 pinterest was at about 12 percent, which means that the site have grown three percent in a mere few months.

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