Pioneer Duo Series XW-NAC1-K and XW-NAC3-K iPod/iPhone Speakers

Pioneer Duo Series XW-NAC1-K
Pioneer introduces its Duo Series which comes with the XW-NAC1-K and XW-NAC3-K iPod/iPhone Speakers in the United States. Both Dual-Docks comes with a 2-channel dynamic digital amplifier, they both support wireless music streaming and control with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, Freescale Audio DSP plus composite video output for you to enjoy video on TV, and AUX input for connecting other audio sources.

The also support Double Shuffle function which allows users to enjoy content from one or both both of the docked iPhone, iPod touch or iPod devices.

Pioneer Duo Series XW-NAC3-K
The Pioneer Duo Series XW-NAC3-K offers a bit more with its support for Internet Radio using a Ethernet LAN and DLNA connection. The XW-NAC1-K for $349 and the XW-NAC3-K for $449 will be released in June, with both being pre-ordered on Amazon right now.

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