Pioneer’s entry-level HDJ-500T DJ Headphones for Europe and US

Pioneer HDJ-500T DJ Headphones
Pioneer USA has an entry-level DJ Headphone that it is about to debut on both the US and Europe Markets. The HDJ-500T DJ Headphone, even though it has ‘DJ’ in its name it can actually be used for more than just music purposes. It comes with dual-cords for separate purposes including a 1.2-meter coiled cord that can be extended up to three meters which comes in handy as a DJ and a 1-meter straight cord that enables the user to connect it to their phone for calling purposes. So the user can use the HDJ-500T for DJ as well as answering calls. The headset comes with a phone answer button on it that lets the user answer calls with the touch of the button, there is a rotating arm, a flexible headband design that lets the DJ rotate the right earpiece forwards and backwards by up to 60 degrees while listening to music on the left side. Spec-wise there is a 40mm diameter driver, a 5Hz–28,000Hz frequency range and a copper-clad aluminum wire voice coil. It is expected to hit selected markets in May and will go for a market price of $145.00.

Source: BusinessWire

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