Plastic Logic QUE proReader for Business Professionals

Plastic Logic QUE proReader
Plastic Logic announces the new QUE, the first proReader designed for business professionals. The new QUE proReader will be showcased at the upcoming CES 2010 in January 2010. It is a lightweight device weighing less than many periodicals, measures 8.5 x 11-inch in size and less than a 1/3 inch thick.

According to Plastic Logic, the QUE proReader features the largest touchscreen in the industry that utilizes E Ink Vizplex technology. It is compatible with PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel documents, Newspapers and e-Books. QUE users will be able to connect to content and download wirelessly via Wi-Fi and AT&T’s 3G network, the nation’s fastest 3G mobile broadband network.

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