Playboy gets added to the Apple App Store

Playboy will now be delivering its content to iOS users via its new and improved App that was just added to the Apple App Store. If you are an Apple customer then you will know that Apple has a ban on Pornography in its App Store which has forced the magazine publisher to take a different path with its app.

Playboy iOS appPlayboy’s Director of Digital Content, Josh Schollmeyer, says that with the ban, he asked his photographers to bring one of three things to a picture. “It has to be romantic, whimsical or sexy,” he said. The app is free to download to your Apple device, but to receive the magazine’s content it will require a subscription at $1.99 per month or $19.99 for the year.

With the new App for Playboy Magazine, you will not be getting any nude pictures instead you will be getting content about The Good Life (travel, food, drink, cars, gear, style) which will be mixed in with celebrity interviews and articles. You can still expect to see sexy pretty girls but no erotic nude pictures.

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