PlayStation 3 – Yellow Light of Death

Sony PlayStation 3
Since this year it has become very common to hear the term “Yellow Light of Death” YLOD on Tech Blogs and Forums. But what is the YLOD, the Playstation Yellow Light of Death is the equivalent to the Xbox’s “red ring of death”. It is basically the Playstation 3 console overheating and causing it to malfunction. Up to a month ago people all over thought it was a hoax.

It was thought that this was some other company trying to make Sony Electronics look bad but it is as what we said above. The question you are asking now “How can I know if my console has the Problem?” Well there is only one way to know if your console is experiencing this problem.

When you turn on your PlayStation 3, if you see the red light turn yellow and then red again. That’s it, no Sound, Video or delays between light change.

It came to our understanding that this normally happens when you leave your console with the side fan on the floor, This totally destroys the machine. If you normally leave your console running at home while you go out, you might just come back to see it dead.

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