PlayStation 4 Console will not PS3 headsets at launch

If you pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 and currently own the PlayStation 3 Console, then you are going to need to purchase a new headset, Sony this week confirmed that the new next-generation PlayStation 4 games console will not support older PlayStation 3 headsets at launch.

Sony PlayStation 4Headsets such as the Pulse and Astro’s A-series from Sony will not be compatible with the new-generation PlayStation at launch. Sony on the other hand, is said to be currently working on a PlayStation 4 system update that will bring support to the games consoles for the older generation PlayStation 3 headsets to function correctly and be used whilst playing next-generation games.

Sony Pulse HeadsetUntil that update is released, Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 game console will be shipped with a wired mono earbud in the box for gamers to use until such a time that the release of the newly updated system firmware. Sony plans to start shipping the next generation PlayStation 4 console on November 15th 2013 in the US, and a little later in Europe on November 29th 2013.

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