PlayStation 4 Controller and PS4 Eye Unveiled

Sony has revealed and confirm a number of the specifications we can expect from its next generation PlayStation 4 console, plus they have also revealed an image of the new PlayStation 4 controller which is fitted with dualshock technology together with the new PS4 eye at their New York press event yesterday.

PlayStation 4 ControllerEven though we thought that the company would unveil the hardware specifications for the new PS4, the company decided to keep it under wraps a little longer. The images of the PS4 Eye and the PS4 Controller will have to surfice for right now.

While we once changed the gaming landscape, now the gamer is changing us,”- ”The demands for a new platform were clear.”-”It’s a powerful and accessible system,” Andrew House, PlayStation president explained about the new controller.

PS4 ControllerThe PS4 console is expected to be equipped with a X86 processor, enhanced PS GPU, supported by 8 gigabytes of unified memory, but we just have to wait a little longer for when they decide to reveal the new gaming console.

PlayStation 4 Eye

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