PlayStation 4 Controller may come with a Touchscreen?

PlayStation 4 ControllerThere are some rumors in circulation about Sony’s Playstation 4 and there are talks about more details being revealed at the E3 in May. According to the rumors, the controller for Sony’s PlayStation 4 will feature a touchscreen, which will make it kind of similar to the Nintendo Wii U.

According to CVG sources, Sony will get rid of the DualShock controller, despite how beloved it is to gamers. The new controller will feature biometric sensors on the grips of the controller and an LCD touchscreen. According to a different source the PlayStation engineers are “trying to emulate the same user interface philosophies are the PS Vita.”

I agree and it makes sense, but they should also make the DualShock controller compatible with the PlayStation 4, so users have the option to play their favorite titles like normal. We just have to wait and see what Sony will be revealing to us at the upcoming E3 trade show in may.

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