PlayStation Vita now pre-ordering on Amazon and Best Buy

PlayStation Vita Gaming ConsoleIf you can’t wait to get your hands on the PlayStation Vita ever since it was announced a few months back, then here is your chance to get it before yours friends do but only if you pre-order now from Amazon or Best Buy. If you start your order now you will be one of the first customer to receive the new PlayStation Portable by the end of this year.

The new PlayStation Vita has been given a shipping date of December 31st, 2011 but we can’t really say if the date has been confirmed, I really think it would be way better if they start shipping before Christmas because it would make the perfect holiday gift.

PlayStation Vita now pre-ordering on Amazon
The PlayStation Vita WiFi-only model will be sold for $249.99 while the Vita 3G + WiFi model will be sold for the price of $299.99. It was also announced that Best Buy Canada is presently pre-ordering the device as well but its shipping date is all the way in the new year, March 30th to be exact.

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