Plextor’s 12x PX-LB950UE External Blu-ray Burner

Plextor's 12x PX-LB950UE External Blu-ray Burner
Plextor has announced its new PX-LB950UE External Blu-ray Burner the fastest Blu-ray writer available in the market today. This new 12x PX-LB950UE External Blu-ray Burner utilizes a eSATA and USB 3.0 interface, it doesn’t support BDXL but it will support disc 25GB or 50GB storage capacity. It also comes with the ability to playback 3D movies as well as convert 2D into 3D. The PX-LB950UE also features a special chassis, which channels the airflow, cools the motors, improves performance and extends the lifetime of the drive. The PX-LB950UE comes with Plextor’s very own PlexUTILITIES, a comprehensive disc and drive analysis tool. This drive is also LightScribe enabled and is also expected to be launched soon for a price of $239.99.

“We are excited to offer a transportable all-in-one blu-ray device to consumers,” said Christine Hsing, Marketing Manager at Plextor. “The PX-LB950UE lets you connect to any computer with USB or eSATA connection making access to Blu-ray technology a breeze.”

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