Polaroid iZone

Polaroid iZone WiFi Camera connects to iPhone and Android

Polaroid has announced the new iZone WiFi Camera which can the ability to connect to your iPhone or Android Phone. The iZone is a compact camera that features an 18MP shooter, an 8x optical zoom and LED Flash.

Polaroid iZone
One of the most noteworthy features is the camera’s ability to be connected to your smartphone via WiFi and use it instead of the built-in camera when capturing photos.

User can also use their phone’s display as the viewfinder, and while the iZone only comes with 32MB of built-in storage you can also save images captured directly to your mobile device.

The iZone clearly takes the title of smallest smartphone-companion style camera to hit the market with its 2-inch square design and its also expected to be one of the cheapest mini camera as well.

The camera was made by Sakar International, which licenses the Polaroid name. The company plans to start selling the iZone camera later this spring for the price of $180 per unit.

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