Polaroid Socialmatic Camera Just In Time for the Holiday

Polaroid has announced its new Socialmatic Camera which will be available just in time for the holiday season, the camera was designed and manufactured by Socialmatic LLC and uses the Polaroid name under license. The camera in an instant print similar to the cameras manufactured by Polaroid in the early 80’s and late 90’s.

The Socialmatic camera features a 14MP camera on the front and also features a 2MP on the back as well. It also a flash up front and a 4.5-inch LCD at the back for an instant preview of photos snapped. It also has an integrated printer which allows the user to instantly print up 2×3″ photos or users can store the image on the cameras 4GB of storage or an microSD card.

The Android operating system is used for the camera menus. WiFi and Bluetooth are integrated to allow sharing of images on the go. The camera’s integrated ZINK Printer is capable of printing up photos in under a minute, no pricing details has been announced for the device as yet.

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