Polaroid Z2300 ZINK Instant Digital Camera Pre-orders

Polaroid has once again announced another instant digital camera, the Z2300 that features their ink-free Zero Ink (ZINK) Printing Technology. In the days before the digital cameras got popular, if you wanted to see the last picture you captured instantly, there was no option to do so than the Polaroid.

It was the only camera capable of snapping a picture and printing it on the spot, well Polaroid is attempting the rebirth of such technology but revamped and improved.

Polaroid Z2300 ZINK Instant Digital Camera
Introducing the Z2300 instant digital camera that comes equipped with 10-Megapixel image sensor, there’s a 3-inch large display for viewing photos before printing plus it is also equipped with the company’s ZINK Zero ink technology with ZINK Paper to deliver vibrant and highly saturated 2×3-inch smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant prints instantly.

The new Z2300 also offers the option to add border, including the classic Polaroid Border format to your photos, you can crop pictures on the camera before printing as well as the option to print pictures in black and white. Other than snapping and printing on the spot, the Polaroid Z2300 is also capable of recording Full HD videos plus it also has an integrated microphone and built-in speaker for audio playback and recording.

The Polaroid Z2300 saves the captured images on a SD memory card, it is now available online for the price of $159.99, but when you run out of ZINK paper you will have to order a 50-sheet pack of 2×3” Premium ZINK Paper costs $24.99 or the 30-sheet pack for $14.99.

[Via: Polaroid]

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