Polk’s Atrium Garden Speakers

Polk's Atrium Garden Speakers
The Atrium Garden Speakers by Polk Audio was made specially for use outdoors and to make your garden or patio a place for party. The Atrium Garden Speakers comes with “long throw” drivers so music isn’t lost, the system comprises of Atrium Sat30 mid-range satellite speakers and a downward-firing subwoofer, the Atrium Sub10. The Atrium Sat30 can be used without the Atrium Sub10 Subwoofer, but we wouldn’t want acoustic music, there must be bass I say, the Atrium Sat30 can be hanged from its wires or planted in the ground and according to Polk it will withstand abuse from weed whackers, mowers and other lawn equipments because of its shock-absorbing gasket.

Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System
The Atrium Sat10 is a long throw 10-inch 200-watt sub-woofer which is also weatherproof and can also be used as a stand for your plants, it can support objects up to 200 lbs. The surface of the Sub10 can be painted to match your decor.

The Polk Audio Atrium Garden Speaker System is presently available for pre-order on Amazon for a price of $600 or you can purchase them separately with the Atrium Sat10 goes for $300 while the Atrium Sat30 goes for $150.

Source: Technabob

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