PowerBag – A Charging System in Disguised

PowerBag BackPackWould you like a bag that could power four of your favorite devices while you are on the go? Well! you might want to take sometime to look at the PowerBag that was recently announced, and I would like to call it the “must have bag” when you head out on your daily commute. According to the company it will be available in five different styles and colors including Backpacks, Messenger Bags or Briefcase so basically they cater to all, whether you are into punk rock or you are the traveling business person.

Seamlessly integrated into every Powerbag is the exclusive Powerbag Charging System which charges all of your favorite digital gear, including Smartphones, iPods, Tablets, eReaders, Bluetooth headsets and more, right in the bag. It has an integrated removable, rechargeable 3000mAh battery and a water-resistant AC adapter charging port. Other than charging your devices, the PowerBag will do what your normal bag does such as carry your School Books, Notebooks, Files or whatever your regular bag holds, with this new Bag you should never run out of battery power while on the go. Presently the Bags are available at retails stores including Best Buy, OfficeMax and FYE, it is expected to hit other retail stores in October for a price of $139.99. We will be reviewing the PowerBag to see the advantages and disadvantages to see if it is worth the investment.

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