PQI Intelligent Drive U821V USB 3.0 Flash Drive

PQI Intelligent Drive U821V
PQI just introduced a new USB 3.0 Flash Drive that comes with a modern and stylish design called the Intelligent Drive U821V USB 3.0 flash drive. According to the company, the drive features a “Zero-step” design which means it can be used by simply plugging into a USB port, without the need to remove a cap or push out a retractable USB connector first.

The drive was built to be durable with a stainless steel surface that has a mirrored, silvery sheen finish. The drive’s casing is also corrosion-resistant and available in two different colors. The new U821V is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and is available in the storage options of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

There’s a special LED at the end of the drive that flashes blue when reading data. No pricing details has been found for the USB 3.0 flash drive but it is set to be released this summer.

[Via: PQI Group]

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