Prada II is out with Bluetooth Wrist Watch

The LG Prada 2
A few days ago LG launched it’s LG KF900 Prada popularly know as the Prada II. While announcing the Prada 2 they also introduced the Bluetooth wrist watch which will definitely boost your tech savvy-ness. The fashionable Prada II features a 3-inch touchscreen display which has multi-touch functionality. See more on the specs on the Prada II by clicking the above link.

The Wrist Watch that was announced with the Prada 2 is the ‘PRADA Link’ (LG-LBA-T950). It’s an elegant digital wristwatch whic uses bluetooth technology to remotely monitor phone calls and read your SMS messages. The device is even water resistant so you won’t miss a call even while you take a bath. The Prada will hit stores in Europe in late November for 600 euro while the new Prada Link wrist watch is 299 euros.


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