Predator Interactive Motion Simulator from InMotion Simulation

The Predator
InMotion Simulation announced the availability of the Predator Motion Simulator. It is a low-end interactive motion simulator which was built to target sports bars, gaming centers and other place that encourages fun.

The Predator was designed specially for use with large projection systems for a better and realistic gaming experience. The System comes equipped with pre-installed software, Wireless keyboard-trackball, A custom sound system designed by Diamond Audio, Corbeau-Forza racing seat with lap belt and force feedback steering wheel with dual-pedal setup.

The Predator will work with most off the shelf PC games, it supports a maximum payload of 159 kgs or 350 lbs. The Predator starts at $17,900 but doesn’t cover the cost of the visual system, taxes and shipping. More after the jump [Thanks Jason]

Predator Interactive Motion Simulator

Predator Simulator


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