Prynt Instant Polaroid

Prynt turns your Smartphone into a Polaroid Camera

The Classic Polaroid Camera came into existence in the early 1940s and revolutionized the camera industry, there are new polaroid cameras available on the market today and retails for anywhere between $99 to $200. Instead of adding another camera to the many you already own, you will soon be able to transform your smartphone’s camera into an instant print camera.

Prynt Instant Polaroid
Nowadays, just about everyone owns a smartphone that already has a really great camera, so if you are a lover of the instant print camera then why not transform your smartphone into an instant print Polaroid camera?

Introducing the new Prynt accessory which simply plug directly into your smartphone and gives it instant printing capability. Simply plug, snap and print with no WiFi, NFC or Bluetooth connectivity required.

A french startup came up with the awesome idea and is planning on seeking funding from Kickstarter starting early next year. The device comes in the form of an smartphone case that connects directly to your device, and then print directly from your smartphone’s photo gallery.

They plan to offer the Prynt for $99, so you can keep your eyes opens to purchase once it hits KickStarter next year. You can find more details regarding the Prynt Smart Case from the company’s website.

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