PS4 Composite by Reddit User is based on Hints in Sony’s Teaser Video

PS4 MockupA while back Sony teased the PS4 ahead of Microsoft’s own Xbox event, which could be in the hopes of stealing some of the focus and attention and shine it upon themselves. The teaser however, didn’t do much to show what the console would actually look like, and that’s why it was called a teaser in the first place.

Well that didn’t stop a Reddit user that goes by handle Albino-Zebra from compiling the various angles of the hardware hinted at in the video and coming up with what he thinks the PS4 could look like. There could be a good chance that he is wrong about the console, but since the composite was made based on the teaser image shown in the video, there are some parts which he might have gotten on point.

So whats your thoughts on the mockup based on this Reddit user, do you think that he nailed it after looking at the teaser video? Well if you have never seen it before, I have embed the video for you to watch now and then come back to the image. Well if he didn’t we just have to wait until June 10th, to see how the PS4 console actually looks.

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