Puffin OS: An Upcoming Operating System for Budget Phones

California-based CloudMosa is working on a cloud-based mobile operating system called Puffin OS. Designed especially for smartphones with hardware limitations.

Puffin OS is set to rival Android Go and claims to even outperform Android Go up to 10x when ran on similar entry-level handsets.

Puffin is an open platform mobile operating system which derives from Android. It utilizes Puffin’s “Avatar” technology which shifts the workload from the phone’s hardware to cloud-based servers, therefore, the low memory device delivers high-end like performance.

Puffin OS uses web-based apps instead of apps that need to be downloaded and install on the local device. Without worrying about hardware limitations, users have the option to access hundreds of web apps instantly without using all the device’s storage capacity.

CloudMosa now has a campaign on Kickstarter seeking $31, 416 to get the operating system to market. The campaign ends in 15 days and they have just past $19,000.

Puffin OS: Avatar Technology

Puffin’s main goal is to reach the half of the earth’s population still not connected to a smartphone. In many emerging markets users only have access to feature phones, however, these phones have hardware limitations rendering them useless to for general apps.

Utilizing Avatar technology transforms the average entry-level smartphone into a high-performance device. It creates a profile of the user’s device on the cloud server to access applications and data on the internet.

After reading thoroughly we did have concerns about the company storing and selling customers data for profit, but, we did find a section on the Kickstarter campaign clarifying our concerns.

” There’s no personal identifiable information logged on our cloud servers. The only information we collect is for the purpose of maintaining a connection between the avatar and the local device and remembering login sessions and customized settings.”

This project is currently in its beta stages, but we will keep you guys updated as the company continues to develop the cloud-based mobile operating system.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article.

    There are no restrictions on the websites that users can access on Puffin OS. The online world presented to the next billion users is open and resourceful. There is no limit of traffic to any specific website for their corporate benefits. The company stated that the operating system would be able to bridge the gap between feature phones that run on KaiOS as well as the economical devices of Android.

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