white house drone

Quad Copter Drone crashes on White House Lawn

white house drone
The drone-control debate is now on in the United States, after a quadcopter drone crashed inside the boundary of the White House. According to reports, the two-foot-long craft that has four propellers crashed on the southeast side of the presidential compound, sparking debates that may soon or later cause the Federal Aviation Administration to put restrictions on where they can be flown.

Currently owners can fly their drones up to 5 miles from an airport, they must keep them under 400 feet altitude, keep them in sight at all times and not within a highly populated area. However with the recent incident, we might see a ban that restricts the use of drones from government buildings. The hobbyist who operated the drone violated the rules, regardless of the size because the White House is viewed as protected air space.

The FAA has estimated 7,500 commercial drones will be in the skies within five years of the coming regulations taking effect and this doesn’t count the increasingly inexpensive consumer drones that were a hit with shoppers over the holiday.

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