Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch gets Toq Talk Function

Qualcomm has added a new feature to its Toq Smartwatch that users might think is very useful. The new features which has been dubbed Toq Talk allows users to respond to text messages using their voice, powered by Nuance voice to text technology.

qualcomm toq smartwatch
Nuance voice recognition text is featured in a number of popular devices and products, the Nuance recognition engine is used in the voice recognition of some cars, Siri on iOS devices is powered by Nuance as well, so the smartwatch talk to text function should be something users will appreciate.

However, on the Toq smartwatch voice input is limited to only nine seconds at a time, but that should be ample time to compile a full 160 character text message. We have no details on how much it will cost, but the older model is currently available on Amazon in the $200 range.

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