R2-D2 light-up bra that whistles and beeps

Who knew that R2-D2’s iconic droid look would actually inspire the fashion industry as well, we have seen a wide range of electronic devices that were inspired by the iconic droid from the Star Wars series but who knew we would see the R2-D2 droid look on a bra.

R2-D2 BraThe idea is very hilarious but don’t take it as a joke because ‘Seamster‘ the guys behind the design plans to do not one, but two bras with the R2-D2 design. The bras features cups that are shaped like R2 domes, they are The Easy Duct Tape R2-D2 Bra and the The Ultimate R2-D2 Bra (shown above).

According to the guys over at Cnet, anyone can put together a couple of R2-D2 heads, string them together, and call it a bra. Seamster on the other hand took its DIY project beyond fashion statement and turned it into an interactive work of chest support art, completed with lights and sound effects by simply pressing the button at the center.

r2d2 droid bra

The Easy Duct Tape R2-D2 Bra comprises steps 2 – 9. This version should be easy for even the most non-handy Star Wars fans. I have included printable plans to help make this a quick and easy evening project.

The Ultimate R2-D2 Bra (shown above) comprises steps 10 – 22. This uses the same plans as the duct tape version, but requires much more work to complete. It is challenging but still quite do-able. I added lights and sounds to this version.

[Source: Instructables]

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