Rear View Mirror with Video Cameras

Rearview Mirror
This may be the first time you are seeing a automobile part being showcased here but this is getting our attention because it is considered as a really cool gadget. This Rear-View Mirror comes with a video recorder that you will have to install in the back window of your car so you can see all that is happening behind you on a 2.5-inch LCD display which can be seen in the rear view mirror right above your head.

The camera will start recording as soon as you start your car to your SD card which can be later removed to your PC for playback. The camera works with your existing rear view mirror so you don’t need to replace the present one, you simply slips it right over the existing one. The Rear View is available at Brickhouse Security for approximately $400. However there is a sale for $50 off plus you get a 1GB SD Card with your Purchase.


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