Researchers develop Washing Machine which eliminates water

xeros washing beadsResearchers at Xeros has developed a washing machine that cleans clothes without the need for water or washing powder, sound impossible right? According to reports, the company developed a washing machine that uses polymer beads to wash your clothes, after they discovered that the polymer beads could actually be used to remove stains and clean clothes.

The new system uses millions of polymer beads which remove stains and odors from your garments, and if it happens go into mass production it will prove economical since the beads are reusable. The researchers has made a working prototype that uses the tiny beads, a tiny amount of water (about a cup), along with special detergent.

This new washing machine uses around 10 percent of the water used in current washing machines and apparently also uses just a fraction of the electricity that is used as well. The device is still in the prototype stage, however if you would like to read more about this new technology you can visit the Xeros website (

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