Retailers already taking PlayStation 4 pre-orders

The PlayStation 4 event held earlier this week has stir more questions than before, questions such as how much will the new gaming console cost, what will it look like and when will it be available.

We have no idea of how the new console will look, how much it will set us as regular gamers back or any real details on when it will arrive, except that it is expected to arrive “in time for the holidays,” however many retailers have already started taking orders for the new PlayStation 4 console.

PS4There have been some concerns as to whether the PS4 will be able to play used games, as well as a whole bunch of speculations circulating of the internet. Even thought its uncertain as to when the device will be available, a number of UK retailers have wasted no time to in outlining their intentions to be amongst the first retailers to start selling the PlayStation 4 later this year.

GAME and ShopTo are already allowing their customers the opportunity to register their interest in Sony’s new gaming console by pre-ordering the gaming device. Amazon UK has already added its own PlayStation 4 section allowing fans to sign up for updates on exactly when the online retailer will begin taking pre-orders.

It’s not only UK retailers who are catching the PS4 fever but, GameStop, one of the largest game retailer in the U.S. has not mentioned anything regarding the PS4, they seem to be awaiting more details before jumping the gun.

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