Review: Call of Duty – World at War

Call Of Duty - World At War
Call of Duty is back and this time with some Harsh New Enemies, Environments and Tactics: Face off against ruthless and tactically advanced enemies that will stop at nothing to defend their homelands. The game is based on World War II which has some realistic looking Pacific and European locations against the fearless Imperial Japanese and elite German soldiers.

When I received this game for review I didn’t own a PS3 as yet so I have to stop by the neighborhood electronic store to get one and I don’t regret spending the money one bit. What caught me the most in this game is the Online Gaming Mode. You can grab some of your friends online and start the shooting, I was playing in multiplayer mode with some players I randomly joined I ended up staying 7 hours on this video game and normally I am car racing video game guy.

Call of Duty -World At War
If you liked Call of Duty 4 then you are going to love World At War so much you gonna practically live on your PlayStation 3.

Call Of Duty World at War
Check out the landscape is it realistic or what? Not because this is a photo it is the same quality you get in the game. There was somethings that surprised me in the game, stuff like the Nazi zombies.

World At War
Other than the online multiplayer mode there is the two-player local split-screen mode just for two friends who wants to experience a realistic gaming battlefield. See more information on the entire game over at RocketXl.

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