[Review] Netspot Free WLAN Site Survey Software for Mac

Netspot ReviewNetspot is a new wireless survey software for Mac OS X. Find out what your Wi-Fi network is capable of right now, it’s FREE! All you need to run your wireless site survey is your MacBook with native Wi-Fi / AirPort adapter. No special knowledge required. Exceptional simplicity, only 2 steps to get your first reports: survey Wi-Fi network and apply sleek visualizations.

NetSpot is a tool for people seeking to find out how well their wireless network coverage is in their home, office or business place. NetSpot requires a laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities. NetSpot is incredibly simple to use. The application will walk the user though the steps on finding out the strength of their wireless network. The application will help the user create a floor plan within the app or import one that the user may have drawn in another application or sketched on a napkin. Then the user measures the distance of a given area on the floor plan, after that, the user selects the area that they want to detect on a given wireless area, then the user starts testing the area. The user moves the laptop around and selects the area on the floor map where he or she is standing. The application will then take a moment to read the signal strength for the location. The user will continue to move around testing numerous spots.

Wireless Survey Scale
After the last spot is tested, the test is stopped and the user will have results in the form of a color-coded map. The map can display a multitude of different calculations – signal to noise ratio, signal level, quantity of access points, noise level and signal to interference ratio. The map uses a color-coded gradient to show the warm and cold spots of the wireless signals. An user can also modify the settings of the map, for instance the lowest and highest gain detectable, so if the wireless access point or router is incapable of producing a high gain signal, then you can reduce
the perimeters to gain a better and more accurate looking map. After the map has been created, the application has the ability to export information about the wireless signal detected and the color-coded map into a PDF document.

Netspot Signal to Noise Ratio
NetSpot is not just a free application that was thrown together, the application is very well thought out, from the technical aspect all the way to the visual aspect. The application boasts incredibly nice graphics within the application (and even outside the application – the icon), making it easier to maneuver and manipulate the software. The export function makes NetSpot all the better with the ability to use it in the work place to prove results to partners or even the boss. This application has the ability to help home users and IT professionals alike.

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