[Review] Samsung Essential 8GB microSDHC Class 6 WaterProof Memory Card

Samsung Essential 8GB microSDHC Class 6 WaterProof Memory CardA memory card isn’t a controversial enough device to review but when I got the offer to do this one, I gladly accepted due to the fact that most company that claims their products are protected against the elements of nature always seems to fail the tests most of the time. The device is the Samsung 8GB microSDHC Class 6 memory card that comes with 5 years warranty and is claimed to be WaterProof, Shock Proof and Magnet Proof.

By the way, this storage device was sent to me by MemoryCardZoo.Com who presently has the cards for sale for only £10.79 per unit. Before I get into the results of my test on the cards, the Essential 8GB microSDHC delivers a maximum read speed of 24MB/s and a up to 13MB/s writing. The card also comes with an SD adapter in the package which enables it to be also used with a Digital Camera or any other devices that supports an SD Memory with the said storage capacity. It is an ideal storage device if you are looking to store up to 2000 high-definition photos or even 2 hours of HD videos.

My Conclusion:
Ofcourse, it is Waterproof as I did put it into the sick that was filled with water, took it out, dried it off placed it into the camera and it works just as it did before. It is also magnet proof as I put it against some old speakers I have in the garage and it works just fine, however I didn’t give it a shockproof test. There isn’t much to say other than it actually works and I guarantee that it is waterproof as well as shockproof.

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